How to create Spring Boot Project in Spring initializer?

There are many ways for creating the spring boot application. Such as

  1. Spring initializer
  2. Spring Boot Tool Suite
  3. Spring Boot CLI
  4. Eclipse or any other editor

In this blog I explained the how to create spring boot project using spring initializer. For creating spring boot project in the spring tool suite I have posted in separate blog, to know that please check here . Please follow the below steps to create the spring boot project using spring initializer. Spring Initializer is an online tool which is provided by the Spring Pivotal.

Steps for create spring boot project using Spring Initializer

  1. Go to
  2. change the group and artifact
  3. Add the dependency (Spring Web, and others those you needed on project)
  4. Once you add all needed dependencies then click Generate to download the skeleton.
  5. Go to your download folder the extract it.
  6. Open your Spring boot tool suite or Eclipse or IntelliJ other Java
  7. Go to File > Import > Maven > Existing maven projects and choose the downloaded skeleton and import it.
  8. Now your spring boot application is ready. And you can add your functionality and run your application (Run > Run as > Spring boot app).
  9. Go to your browser and enter http://localhost:8080

Add Dependency & Generate:

Add Dependency and Generate

Import in STS (Spring tool suite):

Import as Maven Project
Choose existing maven project
Run your application
See result in browser: http://localhost:8080/