Create a new project in Angular 2 and above

In this blog, we can see how to create a new project in Angular 2 and above version. The given steps are common for all versions of Angular not for AngularJS.

How to create my first angular application:
    Creating an angular application is very simple. you can follow the below steps you can easily create your first application in angular.

Make sure below software’s  are installed in your system.

Steps for installing Angular CLI:
  • You should be installed NodeJS in your system before you start installing Angular CLI.
  • open windows command prompt. then enter your below comment. it’s takes some time to install depends on your internet bandwidth.
C:\>npm install -g @angular/cli

Steps for creating an angular applications:

First you choose where you want to create the application. then open it in command prompt.

C:\> cd applications

my-app is application name.

C:\applications> ng new my-app

Open your new application in command prompt

C:\applications> cd my-app

Run the angular application
C:\applications\my-app>ng serve

Now open your brows then enter http://localhost:4200  
4200 is a default port number.

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